Checking in! July 2019 - Your Personal Ninja

Checking in! July 2019

Are you ready for the 4th? I know I am!

Hope all is going well! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out!

Take a look at some of the reminders and benefits below too! Click the plus sign to expand.

I want to make sure you're kept running smoothly and with the most efficient tech! After all, this is what you pay for! Expertise with technology!

Keep me updated if you are looking into making a technical change. This means new equipment, software, etc. 

Also, remember, to protect the integrity of your technology, no third party may work on it or make any major changes. I've had a few third parties recommend or use bad tech under my care and without my prior knowledge which I've had to undo to keep things working properly, so it's just a friendly reminder. 

I know you're busy! Let me take some things off your plate. I can do the following things behind the scenes at your request:

  • Research. If you need info about something, anything, let me know!
  • Purchasing. Need something ordered and shipped to you? Let me know! I can order on your behalf! In fact, I do this quite a bit!

Want me to automatically remote in and do a once over here and there? Let me know, and I can schedule a check at an interval you like. This means I can handle updates and security checks at designated times that won't interfere with you. 

Keep in mind, I do already keep a passive eye out already for stats of your machine. 

Did you know that my unlimited plan has rollover hours? This means that if you don't use my service one month, you gain time to be used towards a remote service! This means you're not losing out if you don't contact me for a while!

Your data is important! I know that, this is where you really benefit! I will do my best to protect your data against loss! This is an ongoing benefit in the background! Make sure we're scheduling check ins though to be extra safe! 

This might be a little redundant, but here's a video addressing some of this as well!

See all the benefits by clicking here!

It's a long list!

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