Welcome to your Personal Helpdesk!

This page tells all about the service and what to expect!
Please take the time to read through.

Did you know you can request more or less anything you like? If we can't help, we can help find someone who can!

You can send requests like the following. Though note, this is just an example list.

Ask away on any subject and I'll point you in the right direction.

  • Mobile and Desk Phone Support
  • TV Support
  • Desktop/Laptop Support
  • Network Support
  • Internet Research Requests
  • Photo/Video Requests (benefit of the Worry-Free Plan)
  • Drone Imagery Requests (benefit of the Worry-Free Plan)
  • Website support
  • Server Support
  • Online Ordering and Acquisition
  • Airline and Hotel Bookings
  • Pre-Scheduled Taxi and Limo Services (via Lyft Pink and Uber VIP)

For our concierge service to save on everyday purchases, see: https://yourpersonal.ninja/concierge-service

The three routes to request assistance are:

  1. Scheduling at https://myaz.tech/schedule
  2. Asking a question or emailing in your problem to [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Asking a question or submitting an online request at https://myaz.tech/helpme

A support request is a formal request for assistance. In order to best assist you and track requests, we use a ticketing system. You can submit online or via email. 

All your tickets should include the following:

The subject line should be just that, a subject line. It should be a short preview of what your message is about. Please don’t leave blank or put everything in it.
Give as much detail as possible. Also, be specific using the correct terminology to the best of your knowledge. Answer the following questions in the body. What did you do? What did you expect to happen? What actually happened?
Give screenshots. If something isn’t working, or you’re getting an error or something you don’t recognize, take a screenshot and paste it into the body of your email. If you don’t know how to take screenshots, see here.
Please do not do the following:
Do not forward us long strings of back and forth emails unless it’s just to support what you’re writing. Make sure to convey your point of concern in the body that you write.
Do not use the same ticket for multiple subjects. There’s a caveat to this. Your main request can contain multiple requests, but after we’ve resolved your issue, please create a new ticket for a new unrelated issue.

Requests are checked in order of when they come in and attempted resolution time is based on severity. Contractors and Businesses will get a slight priority over Home Users. We will aim to respond and/or resolve all issues within 12-24 hours. Some requests may take longer depending on the current workload or if vendors are involved.

Primary response hours are M-F 730a-8am | 5pm-10pm and as available on weekends.

If you find you need service outside these hours, let me know as I have other techs I can dispatch as needed with appropriate notice. 


If you need help that cannot wait for a response during our normal response times, during any blackout or travel dates or needs immediate resolution, you can submit an urgent request.

To submit a rush request send an email to [email protected] with the subject including the word URGENT or text 202-949-7300 with the text including the word URGENT.

These will be prioritized over all others and will include after-hours  support when available through us or a partner. These requests will be responded to put out any fires to get you back to working either normally or with a workaround in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. This means we will make sure you can work, but may not handle non emergency concerns at the same time.

There are no guarantees that rush requests will be resolved immediately or afterhours, though they will be prioritized first.

Some items that cannot be handled by partners may still need to be handled during our normal business hours.

Any rush requests or afterhours requests may be billed at up to two times our standard in person rate.

Even when you aren't actively requesting help, the service is working for you! Here are a couple of ways!

  • Data Backups - Backups are running to keep your data safe. This is included, but as of 01/2020, you may need to request they be enabled. 
  • Technology Updates - I'm always looking for ways to improve your life and will monitor the news waves of important things to pass your way.
  • System Updates - System updates can be run in the background for you!
  • Security Scans - Your system and network are scanned for vulnerabilities and potential problems!

Data backups may be sent to storage you own in the cases of unused storage. You can request we send to ours.

One question I have for you is: What are a few things that are little but take a lot of time through your day?
Let's see how much of your life we can automate.

Utilize the help you have. Whether you're looking for new tech, have a quick question, or just want to learn something new, drop us a support request! 

Remember too, you'll find helpful info by subscribing to our postings on ustech.ninja and spyonaz.com

I'll also send out check-ins with new things from time to time! I constantly send out deals to save you money on various things too.

Use the concierge service to save on travel and day-to-day purchases! 

You also have the option to schedule a monthly checkup where you designate a time each month and I'll remote in and get you up to speed!

Even if you don't make a lot of requests, that's okay! Your service has rollover time (for those on the worry-free plan). Meaning if you don't use it, you get time to use later. 

 I've got your back for security and data protection behind the scenes!

Click here for a FULL listing of what's included with Worry-Free Consulting

I realized that tech support services out there are lacking! You don't get personal interaction, don't always get bang for your buck, and always seem to land you in a call center. 

I wanted to give something different. Something with a lot of benefits that's cost-effective and gives you access to a lot of expertise without spending the usual managed service provider prices!

The goal of this service is to provide you with support, safety, and peace of mind in the long run. Think of it for those oh crap moments where you know you have someone to go to.

While I will strive to do as much as I can for you, and you will always be my top priority, the plan is not designed to be a 24/7 service or a service that provides availability at all times. There may be times that support will not be available same day and may have to be scheduled out ahead of time. 

To assist with time savings in the billing department, the plans are set up for automated recurring billing. This means that it will automatically charge and renew each year at the same time to keep your service until you cancel - you must give at least 30 days' notice before the invoice date if you want to cancel your service. Contracts are two years in length by default.

Things that are included in the support plan.

  • 1 hour per month of remote support
    • Or up to one hour of support requests that exceed 15 minutes in duration per request, whichever occurs first.
    • Additional hours past the initial included hour are billed at a discounted rate.
      • At the end of each month, overage hours are automatically billed.
    • Backup Only Plan is 1 hour a year only.
    • Membership plan includes discounted support only.
  • Discounted In-Person Support (up to 50% off)
    • In-person appointments are always billable. 
  • Up to 1TB of data backup for one maintained computer
    • An additional backup will be billable
    • Additional computers may be billable
  • Rollover hours, up to 2 full hours (15-25 mins accrue each month with no contact). Unused hours can go into the next remote service!
  • Sharing, did you know you can share your support hours with up to two other people! 
  • Concierge services
    • Access to research for products, travel, or anything you need!
    • Guaranteed savings on any items you purchase through us
    • Requests that take longer than 30 mins of research or communication time will be billable if no purchase made through us by the following month. 

And MUCH more! See myaz.tech/unlimited


Services not in the plan or determined as billable via TOS will be billed per our rates seen here

Most people are only charged the annual fee, but there are a few things that can be charged while on the plan.

  • Visits In-Person On-site visits are always billed, and they may also be billed for mileage as well.
  • Overages in your plan's time. If you exceed the time allotted in your plan, you will be billed at our discounted hourly rate.
  • Requests for immediate assistance or after-hours support may be billed.
  • This list is not exhaustive; any items not included here but included in our terms or other portions of this page will also be billable.

Billing can be affected by plan utilization, and if usage is not excessive in comparison to the average customer, we frequently overlook slight overages.

You can register at https://ustechninja.invoicing.co/client/register then click invoices or tasks on the left. 

Note that not all time is recorded. 

On your request, we can bundle certain services into your support plan. This means that you will receive the services you require as part of the support plan's price without having to pay additional fees (limit 1 without price increase).

We can bundle virtually anything in for you:

  • Office365
  • Google Managed Email
  • Manaaged Lastpass
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Much more!

Please keep in mind that bundling a service eliminates any rollover hours and reduces the amount of free/included useable time available during the year, depending on the cost of the service you choose.

The best contact method to share is the [email protected], though please DO NOT post it publicly. 

With any service, you have some responsibility as well. 

  • Ask questions if you're not sure of something! I'm happy to help!
  • Schedule a check-up once in a while! It gives us time to catch up and me a chance to do more pre-emptive testing to make sure you stay tip-top!
  • Keep your credit card info updated and let me know of any changes to prevent delays with future billing.
  • Make sure to pay invoices by the due date. Invoices not paid by the due date may be auto-billed to prevent late fees.
  • Make sure to keep me updated on potential tech changes so I can advise appropriately. Major changes should not be made without consult to avoid inefficiencies.
  • To ensure standardization, No other tech should work on your equipment or support your systems in the same capacity. 
  • Keep records of training and helpful info sent to you to help reduce repeat requests. Please also keep records of important dates for contract renewal.
  • Read our emails and don't ignore them! We give away freebies and send out important information monthly to help you best utilize the service.
  • Be as proactive as you can! 

There's plenty of opportunity for the service to help you in your daily life.